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Reviews for "Armor Games Collection"

Not Bad

Game 1: Nice.
Game 2: quiet irritating with battles.
Game 3: Nice but very short.

Advice: Use some music in the game, it wil make a great difference.

pretty fun.

Thrash n slash- level 8/ 8200 I give this game a 6.
Alien Galaxion- Don't know the level the score was 18 to 2 aliens. I give this an 8.
Diver 84- Highest score 24. I give this game a ten for originality.

I prove you Wrong!!!

I survived past level 4 in trash and smash and got bored at level 6... it was sorta weird...

I mean, moving veggies? Cmon!

only one was good.

the second one was the best, the first was bad and the third one.... lets not go into that.
if you made this a game with only an upgraded second one it would get 10s.
A three from me.

not good

i hate armor games and that game sucked