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Reviews for "Armor Games Collection"

1 and 3 suck

the diving one and the smash one suck but the space ship one rules

okay i guess

Game 1: score: 7990Level: 7.
Game 2: score: ??
Game 3: score: 46

Game one was too easy, but the rest too hard. Balance it better next time and you'll get an 8, 9, or 10 from me.

Hmm, not bad for Armor Games...

Although I hate the vast majority of Armor Games' games, I'd have to say that this one wasn't bad at all.
Game 1: Not bad, but too slow at the first level, although not expandable considering it's only a minigame.
Game 2: The best of the 3. Maybe you should have made everybody read the instructions BEFORE playing the game. You could make a full game by adding gradual weapon upgrading, storyline, and more ship types. If you do, that game alone could easily make a VERY high ranking, possibly top 50.
Game 3: Not bad. Adding judges and (if you can) different jump angles could make for a much better game.
Overall: Finally, another decent thing coming from Armor Games! You know, if you stopped making your games have a deadline, they would all be much better.

ok, nice game

the fighting game was not very good. However i did really like the space shooter, but diving game needed work.
first lets review the fighting game.
Well, lets see...oh, its not fun,for one,its boring and has the worst graphics of them all. maybe if you actully move and have a bigger playing field. I give it a 4/10
I really liked this game, it was fun and innovative.really good and well made. but it needed a little bit more action. it hade best graphics of them all and i found myself playing all night.this is one that you should put into a full game . I give it a 9/10
This was fun to although needed alot of work.it should have maybe 3 rounds or something and tally up you score. needed ro combos as well.this would also do well as a full game, as long as you fix its proplems. I give it a 7/10

Over all i found myself likeing this game and that shooting game would do really well as a full game. keep up the great work



That diving game was pretty funny, landing him flat on his chest and all, that'd hurt like hell.

The spaceship game i didnt quite get the hang of, good graphics, I liked how you could add another computer.

The Fighting game I really liked, I got up to level 4 but died soon after.