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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"

Awesome awesome awesome

#3 is pretty pwn. Depiction of the Wraiths made me happy, and you definitely improved the hydras.

Also, the use of that single scarab was pretty clever, although the size of a scarab is debatable.

Scout depiction was kind of funky as I said before. Science vessel was debatable as well.

Oh, and the arbiter wasn't bad. However, I probably would have used Recall instead of revealling the Zealots on the ground by decloaking. Recalling them in would have been a lot more dramatic. =P

Pretty damn great though. I'm loving this series.

LogFish responds:

Yea that use of an arbitor would've been better, you're right, heh. Ah well!

That was awesome!!

I love how there are funnies in the preloader! Really adds to the humor!!!
That beast is gonna pwn sooooo much...

You rock

I'm giving you a 10 because it rocks and because you used a Judas Priest song

LogFish responds:

I sure did! Thanks heh


another brilleant movie you got some mad skills dude i loved the space battle.


Great Flash but it has a kinda boring begin.
And the sound, sometimes a bit to hard or just the opposit.
But still great Flash however the loads of stolen things from other things

LogFish responds:

Yea, I stole StarCraft sound effects for my StarCraft movie.