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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"


wow, this was really cool, i liked the improved zerg also i liked that cool bomb thing the zealot had, been cool if it was in game, unless it was a scarab or something, but those are in reavers, anyway very cool, enjoyed the space battle, however i never noticed any Interceptors launch from the friendly Carriers, cool how Jones and *correct me if i spell this wrong* Larkin kicked serious ass :) lol Waiting for next one, lol please tell when it will be out, i must WATCH IT! suspense is killing me lol really good man, you are very talented

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm getting through the next episode really quick at the moment after a bit of doing nothing for a month, however it's pretty long so it'll be another week or so I'd say. Hopefully you enjoy that too :) I have a mailing list on my site, if you join that you'll get emailed when I finish episode 4 - else just check the SC section here in a few weeks and it'll be there hopefully :)

Great series.

Whenever this is done I'll recommend this to the series collection. This is great. The only reason I ever played single player on SC was for a story. Now I can just watch this. Always wanted to see a good starcraft series and now I've found it. These are good and I can't wait for the next installment. Also all of the action scenes are well done and all of the people act real.

LogFish responds:

Glad you're liking them! Hopefully the next episodes won't disappoint.


That was awesome! Excellent story, Excellent animation, Excellent action, just plain EXCELLENT! i love everything you've done to try to keep the starcraft feel and you've suceeded greatly! I cannot wait any longer for the next installement! keep it up!

LogFish responds:

hunter killers are rad! Sorry to keep you waiting so long - I got distracted by playing starcraft beleive it or not heh.


This one was even better than the first two! Can't WAIT for the next one, if you put in a Zerg base or two, I'd be extatic! Maybe some character variety, like different units, but otherwise this is one of the greatest StarCraft series'.

LogFish responds:

Yea I'm trying to add a new unit or two into each episode at least but it's getting less relevant to do so as the plot unfolds! The last episode I can go nuts and put everything in it I think, lol.

You've done it again...

That was as insane as ever! The battlecrusiers were very well drawn. The expression on Larkin's face when he got to fly the Wraith, lol! I got a little confused in the air fight, but still awesome.

Can't wait for the next one!