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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"

When !

When aru going to finisht the fourth! Give us a clue.


LogFish responds:

I don't know, honestly - it's close to being finished, but I dunno, I'm not happy with it really. I'm trying to really pick up my game lately and the halfassedness which allowed me to fire 3 episodes out in three months is dead - I just watch it now and see everything wrong with it that I should spend more time doing! Shouldn't be more than two weeks for ep 4 but don't quote me on that. Sorry to keep you waiting, glad you're liking them :) Hopefully the wait'll be worth it.

wen komes the nekst epesode man im daaayng to see

to bad the subtitels faid awai some times like wen theyre gona destroy those overlords the dropschip pilot god i forot his name says thats alk i wandet to haer but no subtitels howkome??

LogFish responds:

Whopps! People keep telling me 'there's spelling errors' and never tell me where - in an eight minute long animation, where I've spelt as well as I know without a flash spellchecker, I can't really do much about it. So telling me where is handy thanks! When I finish the series I'll probably come back and iron out these older episodes cause they'll look a bit dated and fix that.

Woot. Three times the StarCraft!

I have watched the third one... and i'm really liking it. This really showed a plot-coming. This really isn't just about fighting, but also a good story. I'd love to see the future episodes.

Maybe a bit more action could have been involved, though. Still, that aside, you still get a good grade in my book - An 8. Good job.

Your fellow StarCraftian, Catis.

LogFish responds:

Cheers! Ep 4. is chugging along nicely, close to the end now - it's going to be enormous though, like 7-8 meg maybe and 12 minutes long, so I don't know whether NG will take it! Perhaps I put one too many scenes in it... mm. I don't animate action most of the time because I am a lazy bastard, I'm working on that, heh.

lol funny

The only thing that could make this better would be to actually see the action. If you killed a hydralisk its gore should be there shouldnt it? anyway great movie and keep up the good work!

LogFish responds:

You're right - I've actually been trying to keep things kid friendly, but it was pointed out to me that in the game zerglings explode in a shower of gore etc. so the next one has some more guts in it :)

Awsome man, totaly awsome.

You are totaly #1 at making good starcraft movies.Keep it up.