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Reviews for "StarCraft: Alliance"

(( Notbad ))

This was neat, it had some good story to it i think i saw one of the others and was also good, very impressive work and nice detail, keep it up.

Nice game but the size could use some compression, just abit.

Good story nice animation.


LogFish responds:

Thanks! These are actually as compressed as I can manage - I reuse as many graphics as I can get away with, but 3D sequences are enormous so there's no getting around it sometimes :( The sound is as bad as I can have it without distortion too. Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it - maybe you wanna check out the later episodes too (they're much better)


Zantaboan catchy, it sounds like the t-rex, I also loved that space fight, but it was dume for that sciense vassal to not have protected the BattleCruiser with its sheald power


This one was great, but I have a question. Was that bomb thing the protoss used at the Promethean installation a handheld scarab?

LogFish responds:

yea, or something like it. Think 'Protoss Version of a Grenade' - not everything I'm doing is directly from the game, the game doesn't give you an entire world, just a fantastically balanced RTS :)

U r good

Its great need i say more?


I've watched most of this series and it's awesome, I think if the dudes from Blizzard seen this and your work on your site, like the created levels for the game, they'd love it

LogFish responds:

love it or sue it, heh