Reviews for "Peanut"

required viewing...

...but man, i wish it was required thinking!
The message in this is as true today as it was in 2000, that spending an hour on a flash with a single word and graphic does not make art. flash is an artform, and like any other, has more than its fare share of hacks and wanna-be's.
The problem is that now there are whole cliques and gangs of hacks and wanna-be's, posting crap they THEY will get through the review process regardless of its actual merit.
The saddest part?
This looks WAYYYYYYY better than most of their crap! and this is 7 years old.
These kittie and clock people could learn something from watching this, but their ADHD and Pepsi-infested minds would probably think it's too boring.
What a wonderful world...

this is a good lesson

i need to learn it too but for now i dare you to try and take my 10 FROM MY COLD...yet strangely salted HANDS THAT I dipped in a suger bowl THAT WILL.................just take the 10 okay?

So true.

I love how the guy before me bashed this flash, he obviously didn't finish it or read the author's comments.

It only makes it sweeter.

why it sukd

hraphics- a 1 because it had graphics, and thats about it.
the rest- the rest deserves a 0 because it didnt have sound,violence,interactivity or humor, and ya know what?
it doesnt even have anything to do with anything!
blam this piece of crap Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 111two


I'm giving this a 10 because it's pretty reflective of what's going on here, plus...it has a flying peanut in it...who can resist a flying peanut??