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Reviews for "Peanut"


Love the theme, but I rate in honesty, and that movie sucked. The super overall is because it makes fun of those kind of movies ^.^ humor is also a bit higher than I expected. Uhh, keep up the... Uhh... Good work? ^.^
The storyline, a mockery of bad flashes by having a single peanut perform "acrobat tricks" while spelling the name. It is also an obvious mockery by the note at the end.

What a great parody.

A lot of you dumbasses that gave this movie a bad review don't understand that this is a PARODY. It is making fun of all these animations that have no point. Well at least I got the joke (which is clearly explained to us at the end of the movie). Good Job!

That took you an hour?

Ha hal. Ryan

Your humor is dry

The portal has some movies that shouldn't be rated as high as they are, but that is just how it goes. I'm thinking someone doesn't like a certain little puppy.

I'm allergic to Peanuts!

Seriously though, the portal isn't that bad! I mean... there is all those asswipes who send in crappy flash and try to be Turd of the Week, but come on, have a heart!