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Reviews for "Peanut"

In a weird sort of way, it was kinda cool.

With 11kb in size and you saying it's crap, I was expecting something terrible. It was actually kinda cool though, with the peanut and letters moving around. I know I should think it's crap, but it's got a neo-crap quality ot it. Or something.

((( OK )))

Well the peanut passing buy looked good with an ok animated twist, could have been much more, but i supose its on your site, anyways better luck next time...


True, if only people had listened

It sucked obviously but that's exactly what you intended, so good job I guess. I'll still vote 0 though. I jsut wish people had listened to this movie and didn't add half the shitty flash that they have.



That was actually funny

I wasn't sure what to expect here, but this was funny. It was just so true, which added a lot to the humour. Really basic and simple, yet so funny. Good job on the file size, though there really is no reason that it would be any bigger. Very original, Who would have thought a movie like this would do well? Good job.