Reviews for "Peanut"

How fucking ironic.

I find it immensely funny that this portal entry which was done in such amazingly fast time, telling it's like to fuck off and die is one of the funniest portal entries I've seen. lol Well done, this one actually made me laugh.


Love the theme, but I rate in honesty, and that movie sucked. The super overall is because it makes fun of those kind of movies ^.^ humor is also a bit higher than I expected. Uhh, keep up the... Uhh... Good work? ^.^
The storyline, a mockery of bad flashes by having a single peanut perform "acrobat tricks" while spelling the name. It is also an obvious mockery by the note at the end.

Best. Movie. Ever.

Anyone who dosn't rate this higly just dosn't have a sense of humour. Brilliant.

That was the most awsome thing EVER!

what i thot it was the best! WHos with me. click yes if you found this helpful. it shows that your with me

Absolutely right

This IS a crappy movie, but it is a crappy movie with a lesson.