Reviews for "Peanut"

Well uh... I watched it because it was 11.1kb and actually seemed to have some meaning behind it. Aaaaaaand it did, though I don't think a peanut is the best way to tell people to stop submitting crap into the portal. It's overrun, sure, but that slowly gets blammed, and we have a happy contributing force lurking around the new entries known as the Blam Club. Nevertheless, nifty little movie, though I don't think it should have cost an hour of your time unless you were sincerely bored.



i went to the website, wasnt there. what was there?


This is an old flash but it still holds strongly true. It is indeed frustrating when people submit flashes that are missing frames, sounds, and points. I give you a ten for throwing this into people's faces. I just hope that people don't use this as an example and try to pass off other crappy videos and just use an excuse like you, but when they really have other purposes.. whatever the hell those may be...


*This* is what a classic is all about - This may have been crated in April 2000 but even now, over 4 years later, it holds true.

Unlike most movies this one's got a message AND humor at the same time, and it manages to do it with a measly 11kb.

Too bad some retards don't know how to read and failed to see that this was MEANT to look shitty because it's making fun of all the shitty flashed that come into the NG portal. Despite that, and despite the fact that it's old, this is actually MUCH better than most of the entries we get nowadays.

I hope the author is still around, and if you're reading this, congratulations!


Well i have to say that i wasnt very impressed with your efforts in this flash this is something you should have used as a bbs sig not a flash it really isnt cut up for it, maybe if you had added soem music and made it a hell of alot more longer and more graphics then it might have been acceptable but in this stat it wasnt even memorable