Reviews for "The Final Hour"


This sounds alot like Frozen in Black and Silver, which I actually prefer over this song. Its still pretty good, but I think you tried a little too hard to make it fast. When you are not listening intently to this song, it tends to run and mesh together. I love the rest of your music though, I think it is fantstic, especially the piano you use. Not that I can actually make music or anything, I just like listening to it. Next to Bounc3, you're the best on NG for sure. Keep up the good work ^.^


Wow, I just happened to come across your music, and I must say I really do enjoy it. Some of the best I've heard. Keep up the good work!

holy crap!!!

"My fastest and most intense work to date." it's also your best!! keep up the good work!!!!


HOLY COW! Freak'in awesome, i swear you're the best author on NG.

Not bad

Not as good as your other ones, seems to be a misplaced note/beat/thing around the middle section, that sounds really awkward. Offtopic comment to some previous guy who commented: Why comment/vote when you can't listen to it? And there's the save button too you know.

Dimrain47 responds:

Yeah, I noticed that too and was like "FUCK!" oh well....