Reviews for "The Final Hour"


its me again, hey i can tell that you now have vamgaurd, Yes! Good job on this, u didnt you same instrumetns or at least not all the same so thats good, has better quality too. Keep it up


Check my stuff out.

fuckin haell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is fuckin gr8 ur gr8 and ur music is gr8... ur gettin a 5 off me... and i downloaded all of ur music coz its gr8


What program are you using, cause its working for you, i like to have awesome new technos when i visit newgrounds, love your stuff, keep on keepin on


I really liked that. Sounds quite epic to me. The sound that was at the start or a new section of the song sounded a bit wrong and sounded to fl like. Other than that I think it's great :D


wow this might be the best music u have made so far so i'm giving a 10 ^____^.by the way aren't you using fl studio 5.I readed the previous rewiews and u said that you use it.i have it too......but i don't know how to make music like this.i don't know how to use it yet:(