Reviews for "The Final Hour"

very good

i love the beginning

Not Bad

15,000th person to download it =) And its not half bad.


This is one of my favorites besides Revolutions :) good job. Ya, im done commenting on stuff for tonight.


I read some reviews and i dont see how ppl can say this isnt clear and that they cant hear every single melody. eh 9 for originality because it sounds like ur music =), which makes no sense i know but u still get a 10 and 5, peace .

:) *thumbs up*

Well i came accross ur music a year ago when i was playing the game arcane castle and i Revolutions and today i played it again and i thought maybe he has more? then i looked and here it is. this is the first one i d-loaded. im downloading them all :P ya im that obsessed. and like i said before ignore the bad comments because some people wont like it and others will.