Reviews for "The Final Hour"


This IS PERFECT for DDR. I thought the same thing before looking through the reviews. @_@

Nice DDR music

If you aren't gonna make a crapload of money by making your own CDs, at least send this stuff to the people that make DDR. It's perfect DDR music.


What the hell is this crap, its choppy and it sounds like a song from the original Zelda game...u really over did it man. Ur other songs r way better than this man (*cough*) this is OK if u like fast music (*cough*).

~*~The Best~*~

Odviously the best, we all know it, if u reveiwed him low because u cant hear it? well i cant hear it until i downloaded it too... not his fault its still an 11 out of 10 and u all know it...or is it 11? whatever number you pick its the best. HELP SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!! if u have msn? aim? yahoo? TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT HIM!!! especially all u ppl wanting cds...help him out! keep it up dimrain, :):):)!


AMAZING! SO FAST! I could barely stay on my seat it was so intense this is really one of your greatest songs ever! If you keep making songs like this you will be the Lord of Techno! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!