Reviews for "The Final Hour"


Thought you were kidding when you said your fastest yet. I didn't know how it could get faster, but you were right. Nice. Keep it up


Love your songs but can you make your next song(s) a different style? All your songs are synthesyzer keybaord with fast snare/bass beats. I have your songs on my iTunes list, but as I listen through your songs, it gets a bit generic. :(

Try adding a bit of a "hard" kind of feeling to the melody. Only my opinion though...

I almost gave up

The normal way of playing the songs was not working so I just downloaded it. I almost gave up but I have it now and it is your best one yet.

You are definitely the #1 Techno artist ever...

I need to get my ears checked... BECAUSE THAT WAS INSANE!!! If you ever make a CD, i want an auographed copy man!!! Don't ever stop making music!

The best... yet

I must honestly say, this is the best song i have heard in all the years of my life. I commend as well as encourage you to keep up the good work. You talk about a CD in one of your submissions yet you have no site or anyway of knowing how to get it when you are done making it. This information would be much apreaciated.