Reviews for "Vandal Axil : Pt. 1"

i beat it yay

i had this review started as i started the game the intro is long my only negative thing to sauy great job

Good, but...

This is prett good, an you should make part 2 soon. However you should make mor interactivity. Right nw it's a choose your ownadveture book with only two choices.


Where are these backgrounds from?, i think i recognize them from some online game

(( Fun game ))

Notbad on this, i was really impressed with how it started and continued to get my interest, and while it was abit large i had fun with it, so nice job.

Try and compress the file size nobody likes a large movie some people dont even watch a large file, so in that aspect your draw away users from veiwing your work, so a little compression would improve on this.

A fun game big file but fun indeed, keep up the good work.



I loved this game, espesialy the part were you get to be a girl, we rock.I love Emelia, she remindes me of my charicter Launch, selfless, impatient(what hero/heroen isn't?) and above all, powerfull.