Reviews for "Vandal Axil : Pt. 1"

Not bad actually...

I think it's pretty decent. The whole use your mouse to click this and click that to navigate through the story was somewhat a put down for me. I'm not too big of the fft sprites, but the ff like music brought me joy ^,^ Memory of lightwaves or something like that >.< Nvm, I forgot the name to that song, but that being the theme was pretty neat as well :D With that aside, the game alone wasn't half bad, having more options in the fight would be pretty kwl.

Crazy awesome game

Wow. Amazing. This game / Movie / Flash was totally kick ass. It's insanely good. I wish this would have gotten more exposure. It totally deserves it. All I can do is give you max rating and Favorite this game. Nice work! Too bad there is no Part II :(

fina fantasy tactics!!!

final fanatsy tactics rock

Not the best but not the worst

This flash was alright.

I couldn't find my way through the forest and I just quit.

Good game


Finally an online, quiker, final fantasy........*Cry* I seriously am crying but mostly cause there's a sad movie on TV And it's in the other room.....Still...AWESOOMMMMEEE EE!i cant get past the part at the start when it says Em...Blah blah...Up 3....., I cant get throu som1 help i wanna c da rest, please, Gr8 game all the more!!!!