Reviews for "Vandal Axil : Pt. 1"


this is another piece of junk............... LOL JOKING U ROCK, i see you have spent alot of time with this piece of work and i think this is my 2nd fav thing i have seen in newgrounds for the last 2 years nice work how the sequel comes soon


it was good but the battle wrecked it does that thing die? if you do anouther 1 give the enimes health that u can see

Great music, great graphics, great story.

Great job. ^_^

The music was fit perfect with the cutscenes, and the entire experience was thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to future entries.

Pretty wicked...

I can't wait till the next one comes out, neat story, beautiful music, and a whole lot of fun. I love the big rpgs with huge cutscenes, but still, you may want to put in a skip button, for those who just don't have the patience.

Not Bad

Pretty good, ut the graphics are a little 1980s. And the combat system is a little too easy to be a real RPG. Try harder.