Reviews for "Vandal Axil : Pt. 1"


This is a wonderful game. I enjoyed playing it as it's nearly like Final Fantasy. XD Also wonderful story for this prologue. <3

Keep it up!

I didn't get it

I cannot give this a fair rating since I didn't understand what to do.
If someone knows, please tell me, because the other reviews made it sound good and I simply love the Final fantasy games (love all rpg's)

Coolest thing was the music

It's an awesome game and I loved FF Tactics and Xenogears too. The most impressive thing was the original music which was REALLLY good. You should have added more interactivity with more fights or at least being able to move the character around on your own. However, I am looking forward very much to Part 2 and hope it's up very soon

Simply astounding.

I am a gigantic RPG fan and this game hooked me immediately. Since Final Fantasy is one of my passions and I found the entry in the NG collection, I decided to try it out. Everything is amazing, but the music is what amazes me. Even now I play this at least twice a day just to listen to it. (If it's not too much to ask, where can I find the battle theme that plays during the 2nd fight [HP/MP drain]? Is it your own song?) Can't wait for Pt. 2.

pretty average

not to bad, but not too good, needs room for improvement,

1. please put a skip the scene button. for those impatient ones, sometimes me.
2. what the hell?!? 1xp?!? after dealing over 1000 hp on that red thing?!? lol, reminded me of ff battle. very funny, and whats newgrounds? lol.
3. the text is pretty slow, but overall, it was worth it.

still a good rpg, the best one on this site, most in depth, that what all rpgs need. anyways, keep making more!