Reviews for "Vandal Axil : Pt. 1"

screw the idiots who think this game sucks

why do these people hate the game bevcause of the beggining taking so long it shows whats happening ?! but what im saying is great game make many more

good. only bad thnig about it is that its to short

great game. i thought i was gonig to use the new phobo if i click hmm instead of no tonight. but no such luk darn. i hope next time it could be longer. and also could you put the password on the next one? because it could be a bit hard to remember :p over all. great job

this is a rubbish game! do not play it

after 5 minutes of w8ing for this game to loads what happens nothing! its pointless the graphics are rubbish the story line has been shot to hell and its just pointless its a waste of time and pc memory for the person who made it. all respect to hm but next time he makes a RPG game make it good for the love of god make it good! and the sound it is so annoying it drove me crazy! in other words its the worst game ever!

OutLandish responds:

Apparently this person could not figure out how to get past the first puzzle.. don't worry bro next time maybe I will make the solutions more obvious for high school drop outs to understand too =)


Nice, make another


Really just omg great, story line , way deep , battle eh .... but really good

What was up with being able to move the body ???