Reviews for "-'+ Serenity +'-"

What a start!

I was just sitting here like I always do on a boring night and clicking endlessly till I find something good that I can drift to. I keep my drifting in line with beats and such. This is a keeper (and by drift I suck in RL but getting better, great on the gaming world.)

5/5 and 10/10 =) DL too hehehe

Krussi responds:

haha, kk :P Well, glad you liked it :D
And thanks a bunch for the review and the support! :D



your songs are just amazing they are so going on my ipod

Krussi responds:

thanks, and I'm honored ^^
Glad you liked it.


I GOT YOUR -'+Secret Melody+'-!!! So, i will add this to my mp3 player!!!!

Krussi responds:

Thanks alot, glad you liked that one aswell :P

10 OUT OF 10 BABY. YEAH!!!!!!

this joint is amazing. great beat from beginning till end. very entertaining. it tolttaly kept my head bobing from start top finish. keep it up.

Krussi responds:

thanks alot ^^ glad you liked it :D
And thanks for the review and the support :D

curse you krussi

im running out of memory on my ipod because of you :( lol love your music keep it up your amazing :P

Krussi responds:

haha :P Thanks alot ^^
And thanks alot for the 10 and the comment.
And I will keep it up :P