Reviews for "-'+ Serenity +'-"

Oh Hi Krussi!

I can tell you used Nexus, vanguard, z3ta and VEC.
It's rendered in 256 kbit bitrate, good thinking!
You are my favorite artist.
Bye doggie---

Krussi responds:

You are tearing me a part Lisa!
You're lying, I did not hit you!

You want Us to say Something =D

Serenity is all around us

And here is Krussi for sure =D


You're Gonna firing you BOOOM ^_^

these chinese and mediterrain instruments really ROCKZ

I don't need to say something about the chord or?

THEY ARE PIRAT FUN! <--- another expression for EXACTLY MY TASTE!

I've been Thunderstrucked by your songs everytime ;)

and that's not cause of our long knowing

otherwise one of your songs would be bad I give it 1 Star xD

but that won't happen! =D

Newgrounds needs you

so stay at your work


Krussi responds:

Thanks alot for the review Sema :D

Haha, glad you see that you're still enjoying my songs, since I love to create them ^^

We should make a collab some time, since both of us love the same chords, melodies and instruments :D

Thanks so much for the review, the 10 and most of all, your support Sema ^^


Crazy melo!!

At last... Krussi is back xD.

I like this crazy melody, It's the pure Krussi's sound

Not the best master ever, not the best mixing ever... but this track it's easy to listen to, and enjoyable (many professional tracks are much more boring)

good work. Krussi, don't change, and please, produce more! xD


Krussi responds:

Krussi is indeed back (again) :P

glad you liked it AirProgressive :D

as I wrote to TerraNation and VoiceJail: "Yeah, the mastering is pretty lazy done and pretty bad, thats why I wrote it in the commentary. I started on this track and almost completed it 6-8 months ago. The reason why I didn't upload it then is because I wasn't that satisfied with the mastering. The reason I uploaded it last week is because I felt that I needed to upload something new."

I got alot of new stuff going on, trying out HardStyle and some HardTrance, so check out my profile every now and then :D

Thanks alot for another review AirProgressive, and thanks alot for the 9/10 5/5 but most of all: your support :)


Once again...

...you don't disappoint!

10/10, 5/5, favorited

Krussi responds:

Thanks alot TehGrunt :D glad you liked it that much :D

Thanks alot for the perfect score, the fav but most all: your support :)


2 thumbs... minus a knuckle... up!

Very nice... I like it a lot. At about 3 min in, when the two sides conjoined... that was awesome.
Anyway, a very nice upload. Not surprised at all it has 8 downloads in 3.5 hours!
Techno connoisseur

Krussi responds:

Thanks alot :) glad you liked it ^^

It's certainly not the best I've done, but I felt that I need to upload something new.

Thanks alot for the review :D