Reviews for "-'+ Serenity +'-"

Epic Bro. Epic

So easy to get into. Loved it. Hope you make more stuff in the future.

Krussi responds:

Thanks alot ^^ glad you liked it.
If you want more, feel free to browse through my submissions :)
Thanks for the review, the 10 and the support ^^


Total Nice Track

I Really LOVE this track, it makes me smile.

Really cool melody and synths...i just love it!

Krussi responds:

thanks you, glad you liked it :D
And thanks for the review, the 10 and the support, I really appreciate it!



Nice as nice people on a nice day in the nice part of town with, fair weather.
I nicely did a nice job of 5ing this nice piece of nicefulness nicefuly.
(>'.')> Keep up teh good werk! <('-'<)

Krussi responds:

Thank you my Nice sir, I'm nicely grateful for nice-ing this song.
Thanks for the nice review, the nice 10 and the nice support :P

Good Nice to you sir!


in my opinion this is already masterd

Krussi responds:

Thanks, glad you think so :P
But some things are a tad overpowered and some sounds peaks too much.

Thanks for the support, the 10 and the review ^^



Dude, this is epic trance music! 10/10, 5/5, downloaded, the lot!

Miss brady thinks so too :P

Krussi responds:

thanks alot ^^ glad you liked it :)

And thanks for the full score and dowload :D