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Reviews for "-'+ Serenity +'-"


Dude, this is epic trance music! 10/10, 5/5, downloaded, the lot!

Miss brady thinks so too :P

Krussi responds:

thanks alot ^^ glad you liked it :)

And thanks for the full score and dowload :D


bro im gonna bro you and bro this review

Bro this song was so bro that i 5ved it bro. It broed me in a way i havent been broed in a long time. So heres to you bro...a five and a 10.........BRO :D Good job man very uplifting song. You been around awhile and your shit has gotten alot better since i first heard your music(not that it was bad when i first heard it :p) Keep it up man 10/10 5/5

Krussi responds:

Haha :P

Thanks bro, glad you broed it ^^
One thing I'm displeased with is the choice of lead synth and the melody though :/ I'll probably make a remake of it, since the mastering and EQing is pretty badly done, and will spice it up some more ^^

Thanks alot for the bro-y review bro, and thanks for the full score :D

cheers bro

it is very nice

i especially love the starting, it is very awesome =D

Krussi responds:

thank you :) glad you liked it ^^


OMG i love all your songs! This is very nice and...(hmm i'm italian, i don't speak english very well..) amazing XD

Krussi responds:

thank you :D glad you like my songs, and thanks for the support ^^



Awesome trance song.

Krussi responds:

Thanks alot, glad you liked it :)
And thanks for the 10 and support ^^