Reviews for "Faded Melody"


i agree,

but i find it, sounds good to listen, but somthing i wouldn't buy

rwert responds:

You don't have to buy it. You can download it free at the sharecash link I gave you in the Authors Comments section. I promise you that the full version is so much more epic than the demo. 3 minutes longer than this version as well.

hey thats kinda a douche thing to do..

I mean I dont really care that much, is the full song different? has more stuff? if not then im just gonna download this..fine with me...its a typical NG song.

why do we have to go to sharecash? I mean the song isnt that great to buy and all.

Seriously, just post it all here, you wont make shit off that place. Tell me if anyone would even buy the song or has bought it..
btw I really liked this...you could have done alot more and alot more cooler stuff...posting the real song somewhere else is a blow to Newgrounds.

but anyways....if you made the piano part have like 3 awesome new little melodies and then made some sort of techno, bass, and stylish shit like that, I would be all over your song.
8/10(sharecash....wtf man..)

rwert responds:

Because I get paid 25 cents a download at sharecash, and I get zip here, and you get it free anyway. It takes not but 30 seconds to download it there, It's not as big of a deal as you think it is man.

And yes, the full version is about 3 minutes longer than this version, clocking in at 3:40

Think of it like this man, 1 dollar is a double cheeseburger at mcdonalds, and 1 dollar is my song, which lasts forever. And that's only if you don't like the sharecash link.

Anyway, I am glad that you liked it. Thanks for the review.


I fucking love this.

needs a good build-up intead of jumping right in.

DUDE! you're an AWESOME painist!

rwert responds:

Download the full version, it has a good buildup. Link to download it free is in the Authors comments above.

shut it Goupidan

yor porb a techno hater any way good song

Love the Piano Background

Hey it's Toothpaste35. I am so glad that Newgrounds had this up on the Best of the Week. It's truely amazing! I'd give you a 20/10 if I could. I just love the piano melody in the background. It just adds to the awesomeness! Actually, I think that the piano makes this song. It would just be a normal techno if it werent for the piano. I also liked the fade and startup again at about 0:19-20. It was a good place to put it to change the piano melody, otherwise the piece would have seemed repetitive. I'm not downsizing this because of shortness because I realize it's not the entire thing, but why not post the entire song? Anyways, great work!! I'd love to hear more from you!


(P.S. What audio software did you use? Thanks for any feedback!)

rwert responds:

I posted the full song on sharecash because I wanted to be able to give it to you guys for free, but I also need the funds. So you will be doing me a big favor by downloading it at sharecash instead of here.

And the software I use is FL Studio 9 to make music.