Reviews for "Faded Melody"

Sounds good!

I liked how the piano turned out, and the beginning sounded alright, keep up the good work :) .

its ok

As a loop I can see this working, but by itself, the song starts up way too quickly. Also the drums are kinda boring sounding, maybe switch things up a bit with a tad more snare or something? I dunno. Otherwise this is pretty good.

Not bad at all.

I'd say listen to what Kr1z has to say to some extent. Alot of people who make music can hear not so original instruments in a song and go "Ohh man" Anyway, with that being said. I'll say this. Wonderful work on this loop. Its a lovely listen none the less and has a great feel to it. I rather enjoy the piano in it.


Tooo Sick

this is to sick i love the piano!!! :) 10 out of 10

This should be music of ep battle fantasy 3!

I luv this! An great RPG game!Just make another longer ok?