Reviews for "Faded Melody"

I agree with tijnn

I'm sorry mate. It sounds really cheap. The mastering was horrible, and the piano and eurogates were really random. The only thing I liked was the chord progression, if you used it in the right way.

Way to go dude!


rwert responds:

Well of course you agree with tjinn, you 2 are like best buddies here on newgrounds. Ya know its way funny that all these people are like 'This is frickin awesome!' 'Great stuff!' etc etc,
And then you and tjinn.........2 of the worst artists here on newgrounds (who are good friends too) come on to post their jealousy and their trolling all over. Grow up, seriously. At least my music is catchy. And again, I'm not going for unique trancegates or glitches or even unique instruments. I'm going for unique melodies and filling them with instruments because I don't know how to make my own, which is fine.
I don't understand how you think the gates were random............when most of YOUR music has random crap everywhere. Sure the mastering could be better, but even this unmastered piece is better than any mastered stuff you have.

Just soo awesome !

what u used to make all the remix?

Amazing Song!!!

I just made an account to tell you how awesomely awesome this song is! Words cannot describe this amazing masterpiece!

Would've been better if you could put it on a different file sharing website instead of sharecash.

A little bit longer...

And it would have been great. Oh, and disregard the idiot two entries below me. This is NOT techno barf.

Its good

I have to admitt, a little harsh from the comment before mine. I'm giving you credit pal, because i could not do this. I for one love the trance like piano melody in ther with the techno. Techno isnt usually my thing but i really quite enjoyed it. Shame it was quite short and didnt lead off into more of a climax. I think later music from you will be better if you decide to do more. Getting good takes time and i think right now this is pretty good. Ah well, each to our own guys :)