Reviews for "Faded Melody"


why did you put only the demo on here?
its awesome but you know
you miss 3 points for that
and maybe you should give the moment where the song was at its best or a solo or something.
im sorry but i cant judge on the full version.
this is the only thing i heared.

thank you for understanding.


It's awesome! Please upload the full version as soon as possible. (Yes, I know I can download the full version)


Cool track & awesome melody!

I don't really like how u used a preset gate in the track though, try making a more unique and original sound by inventing ur own gate pattern and layering/modding existing presets.

rwert responds:

To be honest I don't really care about making my own unique instruments or effects, only unique melodies, and using instruments that magnify the melody. Whether it's a preset or not shouldn't really be an issue in my opinion.

why upload the demo..?

is there any particular reason this message popped up when i tried to go to that first website? - "Whoever sent you to that link you just followed was trying to trick you. They made a page that tries to ban your IP address from ShareCash. Don't worry, though, we caught them! Remember to warn others that the person who sent this link is trying to trick people!"

it's not like you'll make any real cash from this, so i don't quite see the need to promote your song with this demo.. but whatever makes you happy..

i would base my rating on the full version, except for the fact that the first link is apparently bogus and the second one, which i'm not going to try because it probably can't be trusted either, requires that you pay to hear it..

rwert responds:

I dunno why it did that to you O_O It works just fine and from the looks of my earnings, others have already downloaded it from there. I just tested it out and it works just fine for me. Wierd that that happened.

And also pretty much the biggest artist here on newgrounds (F-777) uses soundloud and soundstation. You can trust it.

What Dj-GST said...

The piano makes the song. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have bothered with this.

rwert responds:

yeah i origanaly created this song on the piano and i decided to make a remix of it. the piano part was originaly the main part