Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"

Best Parody ever

This was very original as far as parodies go. No one makes fun of the creators, just the creations. This brought back some rather morbid memories of the original Doom.


yeah, i didnt know what to think of this movie. Doom is kewl and all, but it lacked something. It wasnt that funny, and the characters kind of suck. Next time try to lore your audience in with a problem that gets resolved at the end.

HAHA! ZZzzzap! Zap!

I know all about ID and their oldest games, as a retro fan. Seems like you do too. And I hate Pepsi too.. Man I love you, cant wait for the next episode.

DOOM = Best Game in the World

Freakin crap you make me want to go play some DOOM 3 or some Quake 4... but my graphics driver is broken cuz i tried to download a new one... shit... oh well, I didn't think it'd be based on DOOM until i started watching, that was bad ass...

von-Brunk responds:

Glad to hear you're a fan of Doom. I wasn't really impressed by Doom 3, I prefer the original, though. My graphics card blows too, so it's retro gaming for me.


It was funny. But I didn't understand any of that. Why was Carmack a robot? Why did Romero act like some kind of Rambo?

Seriosuly, nothing of this made any sense to me but it was entertaining.

Commander Keen for president!

von-Brunk responds:

The cartoon was inspired by the book Masters of Doom. The book is the personal accounts of the creation of all the old Id games. The book describes each member of the team in great detail, and we just took that and made it over the top cartoony. Carmack acts like a robot in real life, so in the cartoon he is one. Romero is a crazy long haired rocker, so in the cartoon he carries a shotgun and blows shit up. Read the book for a better understanding, you'll love it!