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Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"


It was funny. But I didn't understand any of that. Why was Carmack a robot? Why did Romero act like some kind of Rambo?

Seriosuly, nothing of this made any sense to me but it was entertaining.

Commander Keen for president!

von-Brunk responds:

The cartoon was inspired by the book Masters of Doom. The book is the personal accounts of the creation of all the old Id games. The book describes each member of the team in great detail, and we just took that and made it over the top cartoony. Carmack acts like a robot in real life, so in the cartoon he is one. Romero is a crazy long haired rocker, so in the cartoon he carries a shotgun and blows shit up. Read the book for a better understanding, you'll love it!

My brain is inefficient

Good flash and i want more gore.


dude that was awsome fricking funny. I love doom personally, but this was not exactly what I thought it would be. Most of the movie was anything other than doom. Still good and funny but unless your next episodes are more related to doom, I suggest u change some themes.

von-Brunk responds:

It wasn't supposed to be about Doom. It's about the makers of Doom. The book it was inspired by, Masters of Doom is a detailed account of the early years of id software. It goes into detail about all of the makers of Doom and we just made them over the top cartoon characters. Read the book, you won't regret it!

aahh....the old doom :D

I miss old games from 1980s/1990s. I use to enjoy playing 2d games as a kid, especially the adventure games. I wasn't that great at doom, mostly I've been watching people play with Doom, and I use to play it with a partner (multiplayer game), lol, I'm too chicken to play alone. the video was kinda funny, especially the part when the guy that acted like a kid went 'Zapzap!' lol!! that was funny, lol


Not my thing, but I see that some people liked it so congrats on that.. Better luck next time...