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Reviews for "PPGD: Battle in Megaville"

One of the best flash games ever

Nice game, even if it is based on work by a known pedophile

The music is cool, gameplay is a little bit dull, and the ideia is pretty creative.
Cant belive i found this game, i played once when i was a kid and never managed to find it again ,so i heard x vs Zero theme randomly on the internet, then i remembered this game. It is awsome and it also is really nostalgic for me.

I LOVE how they bring together the Cartoon Network characters to one Universe. Great nostalgia! :D This game is funny and feels great to play.

I LOVE how the characters are UNIQUE and UNBALANCED :D Yes! They are simple not balanced. But this makes it even more fun! :D Yeah! There are simple stronger and weaker characters, you have to get away with it!

Its also cool, that the controls are simple and minimalistic. Its an easy-to-catch game even for players who dont play too much fighting games - everyone can learn the combos.

This is the perfect indie/flash game!!!

pretty nice and look me in the eyes and tell me Rowdyruff are balanced lol