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Reviews for "PPGD: Battle in Megaville"

A really great game and its good to see someone makes a game based from Bleedman's doujinshi :3, and i really hope you could make a new better version of this one :3

Please dont get me wrong, the game itself is great, then again it could use some improvements, some sound options, and perhaps more characters :o...in any case thanks for making such a great game :D you deserve five shiny stars :3

This game is awsome

Its a awesome game if you try story mode difficulty 6 to above at the end you will fight shira bell i finally death her

Ok my world about all these classic cartoons from when i was a little kid watching their shows totally blown sky high. Awsome job!

for those who wants to know about deedees death since mandark makes a big deal here how it goes. dexter and mandark where fighting as usaul and deedee apears and got shot by mandark but it was a incident and thats how she died and mandark was meant to dexter but deedee got in the way