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Reviews for "PPGD: Battle in Megaville"

Sup.I readed all the comic.Is so epic :D and the game Too

Story is very meh. For a fighter, it could have followed some of the script from PPGD or something.

The movesets are very short but that's fine. Basic combos are okay, but the juggle is iffy as well, since you can only do a second juggle. At that point, it's a follow-up. Regarding juggling, it seems there's absolutely no way to recover, which is massively disappointing. "You can dash even while guarding or airborne, or recovering from a fall" Upon testing this, the recover is only after you have hit the ground. At this point, the AI has already dished out the full juggle combo. Your "recover" is the ability to stand up after a half second of laying on the ground and not an actual off-the-ground recover. What usefulness! I can get pummeled even FASTER now!

Fighting against a high level Bell would net me a massive amount of punishment, up to a 20 hit combo. While trying to play Bell and dish out the same as she had to me, it's near impossible. The AI is way too overpowered and even sitting in a corner blocking, they somehow are able to get BEHIND you. Mind you, you are pushed by the enemy attacks back into the wall. Then they somehow get behind you as if there was more space. Hell, while writing this review, I continued playing and they can do that ANYWHERE. Granted they can walk behind you in the open, but there's NO animation of this whatsoever. If there is, it's one frame and one frame should not be enough to get behind someone. If you watch the Blossom vs Rowdy demo reel (assuming the demos are actually recorded and nor just a new matchup), you can see how the AI acts on level 10. Corner camped heavily with very little chance to recover. You are constantly forced into it or you eat damage for being in the open.

I'd also like to mention that the deflection is complete garbage. You should NOT attach it to an attack, rather a guard. I can understand it needs to be frame specific, or even 2 frames. But you don't deflect an attack with an attack. I've had Blossom deflect my lasers and then instantly short hop into a laser before I even finished landing from my non-AI-perfect short hop. If you deflect an attack, there should also be a stun. Think about throwing a punch: The hand is deflected in any direction away from yourself and should be able to make a counterattack available. The act of deflecting takes an attack and makes the attack not only useless, but at the same time putting the attacker in more of a state of helplessness to a counterattack. Sure, it's possible for an attacker to have counted on it and made a backup plan for a counter attack and actually have a double-attack, but that's rare. The game here just nulls the attack and gameplay resumes again. Whoever hits attack first after a deflection swings first.

AI spams projectiles and seems to have the ability to deflect after a deflect. I have not won a single fight since I started the 10 star mode. I am willing to admit I am not the best gamer, but a flash game on Newgrounds should not have to warrant the amount of time spent equivalent to that of an actual fighter with actual full combos, expanded movelists, etc. One should be able to easily pick this up and play on the harder difficulties within an hour. This isn't a flash game when you set it to 10. It's SNK syndrome, except on EVERYONE rather than just the final boss.

Music is ripped from Mega Man X games, and there is only one fighting soundtrack. I've seen more full games with more soundtracks in it (Read: Space is not an issue). It takes maybe 10 seconds to rip a song from a CD, maybe faster if you download it. Adding it to the game would probably be copy/pasting code and tweaking. Any of the PPG soundtrack does actually makes sense.

Art is ripped from the doujin, as far as I know, but it fits. It actually is well put-together, rather than cut parts and sloppily pasted in. Sprites are custom and credited, thank you. The character portraits do chance expression during dialogue rather than being a single image, so that's a plus. Other than that, nothing much more on the art.

In all, I have to say the amount of work put into the game is probably somewhere in the ballpark of 10 hours, tops. Cheap combos, premade sprites, repeated audio, ripped art, the list goes on. For what it is, it does act as a fighter and gets 2 stars. The quality is par for the effort seemingly put in.

Before people start commenting on this review, I would like to say that your comments about "make a better game" are void, and here's why: I choose not to make a better game due to the fact that it would not be original anymore. I am not going to create a similar game to this and call it an improved version. Lastly, should I ignore those two previous reasons, I am not going to have my game associated with this game, even if this one is improved. Telling me to "just make a better game that's nothing like this" would then defeat the purpose of telling me to make a better game. So there. Just wanted to get that out of the way of those who make themselves feel better by saying that.

PS: If you plan on playing this game on difficulty of 7 or higher, I would seriously advise looking into Cheat Engine and maxing out your health. It's going to be an impossible ride without it.

To those who say "Hurhur I beat it on max, it was easy get better" or whatever, grow up. Post a video, and THEN take credibility. Should you have the skill to beat it on max, then recording it shouldn't be a problem, and hardware/software isn't hard to come across. Free options are available, and the quality doesn't need to be great. FPS issues make no difference since the game still PLAYS at the same FPS and if you're as good as you say, it shouldn't be an issue, now should it?

An otherwise amazing game ruined by horrible balancing issues. Fun, but needs work to be made into anything other than a time waster while you have no ACTUAL fighters play.

if you guys want to know how to get shia bell here are this steps
1: play the game on 6 stars and then when your done go to zim survival get 2 wins
2: then play the mini game get to 100 pts and you got extra options then go to extra options and put in inf.dash and inf.juggle and auto-deflect
3: first i will tell you how to auto-deflect stand in fornt of your oppment attack and when it hits you it says deflect and your bar will never go down when you deflect
4: the last step play story mode and get to shia bell and deflect that all i can tell you hope this helps

Good game played it before like it Whatever