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Reviews for "PPGD: Battle in Megaville"

Does anybody know what is the name of Shira bell's boss theme?

meh ok game a moves list 4 each character alongside a bigger roster lineup would help this out a LOT. 2/5 till then. O.O

i give this game five stars because everyone seems to think it is a great game, but i have one question.

when you start the game how do you select a character?????

I love powerpuff girlsd too much XD

Dear PsychoTess, this game has won several trophies for 2006. As such it has proven its popularity for its time. In the topic of juggling and recovery, well one is specifically fixed so you won't chain-spam the boss or anyone else. In regards of recovery, it was a patch, a quick fix per se. Now obviously to don't have to utilize the recovery system when you're downed. These problems you're having seems to be the behavior of the AI. Now people may seem it as cheap but that in itself is a weakness. Since it is programmed as such it is very predictable despite very easily defeating players. To me, all of the algorithms seem to respond to all of your actions on the dot so baiting seems very much required. Now you may already know all this, as you've made it to the boss on 7-10 difficulties. The fact that the AI can step behind the player even though it is at the end of the screen is indeed a bug. I had been occasionally stuck on the edges and the the only way out is to take damage (This happens to the AI as well).

Now we get on to guards and deflects: You know that you can guard right after dashing and recovery (right?) So indeed there are loopholes to the AI's cheating nature. Also I like to point out you can slow-dash and an alternate input for normal dashing. They are directional + B and directional + A respectively. You may have accidentally done these inputs. The minigame, I think it's a meh way of training deflects but the fact that that skill translates into the game is pretty neat. Now, after a deflection you could immediately guard or dash away (which shows that the final boss is aggressive as fuck). Stuns are already in the game, only Blossom can use freeze breath. Some characters are vulnerable after a deflect and some aren't.

I'm glad you did your research on the resources, and again *just try to have some fun.