Reviews for "The Greatest Attempt"

i knew it...

I knew the 300000th submission would be some clock/lock/glock/pubeMuppet/piconjo/......omg how many of these dumb groups do we have now? anyway, you have the potential, so why do you send in somthing like this?

GentlemanLock responds:

Good question, its not really the quality we care at a moment like this, its the position in history. Yes we have the potential but we keep it for greater occasions. I don't think you would understand, but you don't have either.

Sucks, dude.

It's a giant green "N", and an ass-key. Whoopee. Throw a freaking party or something. Jeebus...
Here's an idea, when we hit 395,000, make a flash that is something better than this. You'll have 5,000 submissions time to make it not suck. Sit on your ass for 4,999 submissions, then go. Whabam. Not too freakin' difficult, folks.

GentlemanLock responds:

Everyone got there own way to proceed and you can't stop them, its the way in goes: one rush, one chance, one submission..oups I don't have the x00000 submission...I worked for nothing...my flash drowned in the tsunamie of giant N and B...whoopee. Let's throw a freaking party or something!

At least...

Unlike the 100000th and 200000th entries which were ruthlessly blammed, at least the 300000th entry was protected as an eternal memory. It is sad to see you guys using brilliant animation skills to spam which is a big waste of talent. The moive has nothing in it apart of a big green N, so it is hard for me to give any positive or negative comments. At least, it is saved, I guess that is all I can say.

GentlemanLock responds:

I really like the way you think...really...wow!
NOTE: This was not sarcastic.


thank god for N. :)

GentlemanLock responds:

Let's pray together!


at least number 300000 wasn't blammed

GentlemanLock responds:

Party time!