Reviews for "The Greatest Attempt"

Fuck, you beat me to it >.>

The locks wins, once again. N! NNNNNN! Teh awesomeness.

<3 LL

GentlemanLock responds:

Indeed, we are the winners!



GentlemanLock responds:

Euh..yeah, SEE ABOVE...


the locks win the 300k. ^__^ great job.

GentlemanLock responds:

Thank you.

you are entirely lucky.

if this was not the 300000th flash it would have been banned.... but thank god you got it instead of that asshole who kept putting in the pictures of the rugrats characters with the voice of microsoft sam. that wouldve pissed me off. but like i said, this would have been blammed had it not been the 300000th flash. well, all i can say is congrats.

GentlemanLock responds:

I KNOW THAT, thank you.
Picture of the rugrats with...I'm happy I never saw that.

damn it

well it doesnt suck too much, but you made the flash with the sole purpose of being the 300000th submition and its not all that good. If it wasnt i would blam it because then it would really make no sense. Good music and its well drawn for the few seconds that it runs...

GentlemanLock responds:

Yes it was made for this sole purpose, like the 4520389762 flash submitted that day.