Reviews for "The Greatest Attempt"


So you're the lucky 300000 guy. Congrats on that. The flash itself, it was ok.

300000 baby.

GentlemanLock responds:

Thank you.


It's too beatifull for my eyes.

GentlemanLock responds:

Stop looking!!! You will become blind by looking at something so godly!


Come on. I thought that someone who wanted to get the 300,000th submission would actually try to make a memorable flash. Guess not. I don't care if it's #300,000, it should be blammed anyways.

GentlemanLock responds:

Sad isn't it, now live with it.

All hail N!

The tradition continues!

GentlemanLock responds:


I love you.

almost as much as i love this movie.

Good job sir.

oh, and just to make it so this isnt abusive in any way shape or form:

the original N wasnt italicised. there. now noobs wont say im just blindly sucking up to you in the form of a review (:P)