Reviews for "The Greatest Attempt"

the first milestone that actually wasn't blammed

every 50k milestone up to this 1, the milestone was a rushed movie to get the milestone, but this one is the only 1 with over 2 out of 5. bravo.

GentlemanLock responds:

Thank you very much.

I am giving you a 5 for getting the 300k flashes.

Hmm you won the 300k flashes award. Maybe on the 400k flashes award maybe it would be a great flash.

GentlemanLock responds:


Congrats on getting 300,000th.

Even though this movie pretty much had no animation, sound, or plot, it's still historic to nab the 300,000th spot. You Locks really put your heart and soul into hitting this milestone, even if it meant submitting crap like, every 3 seconds. Still, I got a hell of a lot of blams points! Thanks! ^_^

Oh and to sdealba, this is the 300,000th submission to make it to the portal. That's why it's a big deal.

GentlemanLock responds:

I hope you like your blam points and have a good day.



GentlemanLock responds:



I don't get it, is this an inside joke or something, why is everyone making a big deal?

GentlemanLock responds:

Its the 300k submission and it passed if you didn't find this out yet...