Reviews for "The GWB song"

A truely moving father and son golf trip

Fantastic! The bar was set high because it was a political movie but, man! you pulled it off! This stuff usually makes me depressed and angry, but you magically made the mood happy and heart warming. But at the end my little bubble of happiness was burst by that missle. So I had to play it again.

Truely inspiring. I will recommend your movie to Marc Maron at Air America Radio. I'm sure he will love it too.


PapaQ responds:

Thanks for your points and great review.


Brilliant! I love it!


I'm not sure what the JCB song was, but I still liked this parody. The prez was drawn a clueless little kid and had the right word choice. I'm generally a moderate (liberal on social issues, conserative on economic issues).

Oh, and KkazakK, no one said GWB causes global warming, global warming wasn't even mentioned in the song. All the song wait was GWB does actively try to stop pollution.

PapaQ responds:

A good wise review and thanks for the great score. I'm a moderate Irish guy myself and love America. I spent a few months travelling around that amazing country and it pity's me to think that man is the president of such a unique land.


that was one of the best george bush flashes i've see. "i'm glad that sad-mans" LOL priceless.

LOL! Best Flash ever

This was amazing. I oved the "no weapons of mass destruction... were found" part. Thank you for giving me something to laugh at amid some of this terrible, terrible flashes(super smash flash, anyone?).

Loved the crazy golf parts, too.