Reviews for "The GWB song"


I'm not sure what the JCB song was, but I still liked this parody. The prez was drawn a clueless little kid and had the right word choice. I'm generally a moderate (liberal on social issues, conserative on economic issues).

Oh, and KkazakK, no one said GWB causes global warming, global warming wasn't even mentioned in the song. All the song wait was GWB does actively try to stop pollution.

PapaQ responds:

A good wise review and thanks for the great score. I'm a moderate Irish guy myself and love America. I spent a few months travelling around that amazing country and it pity's me to think that man is the president of such a unique land.


I love the kindergarten style, so fitting; great choice and the song is wonderful. Great work!

PapaQ responds:

To be reviewed by a lady of your calibre in a pleasure in it's own. Continue with your great work..Your animations are top notch!

Hehe... So cool.

Nice song... And cool preloader (hehe). Nice singing, by the way. EVERYTHING about it was cool... ^v^ 6/5...

awww so kawaii! ^-^

nice song! i luv the way you did th' animations.
keep em comin'


that was one of the best george bush flashes i've see. "i'm glad that sad-mans" LOL priceless.