Reviews for "The GWB song"

LOL! Best Flash ever

This was amazing. I oved the "no weapons of mass destruction... were found" part. Thank you for giving me something to laugh at amid some of this terrible, terrible flashes(super smash flash, anyone?).

Loved the crazy golf parts, too.


that was one of the best george bush flashes i've see. "i'm glad that sad-mans" LOL priceless.

awww so kawaii! ^-^

nice song! i luv the way you did th' animations.
keep em comin'

Hehe... So cool.

Nice song... And cool preloader (hehe). Nice singing, by the way. EVERYTHING about it was cool... ^v^ 6/5...

This is in my favs, bee-awtches!!

This is, like last person said, quality stuff. I love the song, and most of it is quite true... Crazy golf... lol. Too bad i can't get this on my PSP or somethin... or at least download it. God that'd rock... I give this 5 Sadmans in jail..... out of 5