Reviews for "The GWB song"

Not bad

Like the song. Fun premise. Cool animation. My big complaint is that you keep every thing in a wide shot. Mix it up a bit. Cut closer, show a little farther away, show a close-up of the plastic soldiers hitting the ground.

Overall, though, very solid piece. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

cute lol

i never thought i would say that about bush :P


I hate George Bush and I think this would have a higher score if there weren't so many dooshbags who liked him(like "bigdooshbag" a few reviews down).

wow the song is the best part....

i love the expressive and child like face of GWB.... makes me kinda chuckle but then I realize oh yeah this song is alil to true....

Nice animation and nice point....the song flowed nicely!

PapaQ responds:

Cheers, I'm glad you got it as I intended. Thanks for your review.

It was ok

Decent animation, okay song, but a little boring. Still good work.