Reviews for "The GWB song"


Hehe that was pretty good,graphics were funny but still decent :P
And lol that was funny as well only there should've been a bit more feeling in the song


That was funny, couldnt help but laugh. Loved the way you had him say the names of things in humoruos ways. Good Job, and the grid lines didnt hurt the flash either. Keep it up.

PapaQ responds:

Thanks, I've another 2 (different styles again) in the making.

So awsome ;)

Haha, yeah. It was a pretty good song! Just a little low framerate. Get's a lil boring. But it was fun, keep going!

PapaQ responds:

Thanks, yeah, the frames skip on some systems. I'm looking in to that.I'm glad it didn't affect your scoring too much.

It was ok

Decent animation, okay song, but a little boring. Still good work.

wow, for something basic it turned out very well

the animation was great, it was basic in terms of realism, but added comedy and fitted the music which was also very well thought through.
all in all great work keep it up : )

PapaQ responds:

Thanks again. God Bless Newgrounds!