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Reviews for "FF7 Viva la revolution"

gave me a good laugh

the adio was a little staticy but everything else was good

Hehe, FF7 gets 7/10

I've seen the actual comic before, and it rules. I thought it was better than the flash though. I wouldn't have changed Cloud from Leo/Cloud, and I'd have a voice for Barret, and I'd have let the viewers see the injured party members that were standing behind Leo/Cloud in the Inn... Good flash though.


"Keep walking..!"
Poor Yuffie. >_>

it was okay...

the only thing that could have gone better was the animation.

I'm not made of Ether...Oh, wait, maybe I am

Awesome movie!!!

Basing your flash on a comic that you read is a good way to get an idea. I wish I had thought of it.