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Reviews for "FF7 Viva la revolution"


I really liked this... it kinda hit my funny bone cause i wasn't really watching but found it funny then watched it again still funny =]


Wow! Clouds a cheapskate! Maybe he needs a good kick in the nuts to show him of his ways. either that or be touched by michael jackson! hee-hee. jamonah.

It was pretty good

I'm a big fan of VG cats and I thought it was well done. However, my only real complaint was the sound. It needs to be more consistent. However, you did a pretty good job!

That...wasn't very VG cats, like, at all.

umm, really there were only 2 things that got me.the style and the sound. the sound, the chocobo theme was off beat and sometimes tuney (or it just be my lame computer. who cares?) anyway, also, why was cloud the only one to talk(well, basically, i think i heard a female character when the met red's dad in his petrified state).the style, well, it just wasn't a very good remake. it was kinda the same in its concept and all, but whatever. tihs just isn't very much like vg cats, and thats what got me. i would have given you a higher score, but i didn't. because of this, anyway.
well, latr


With All Due Respect...

I have to be honest in saying that I hated this entry. I apologise for my brutal honesty but this can't hold a candle to the other VG Cats Flash conversions that I've seen and not even close to the original comicstrips. I hated the fact that only Cloud spoke during the whole thing; I'm not being funny but if you were gonna release something based on VG Cats you could have at least done it justice. Once again I apologise but you really haven't captured the humour of that particular strip.