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Reviews for "FF7 Viva la revolution"

I liked it

The sound quality blew ass, turn the volume down next time
other than that it was funny.

Made me laugh

Could've been more funny, but still it was funny XD I liked how you actually put voices on there...but it was only like Cloud D: And Aeris? Sephiroth should've been laughing his evil laugh while passing by though :3
P.S. I love VGCATS <3


Of course you got the idea from the Vgcats comic.

But the fact that you copied it word for word is bad. :P

the comic was funny

the video wasn't so funny tho :p
u got a high score for showin me the comic

funny stuff

I've never seen the comic but the video was funny. I liked the sephiroth running across the background behine cloud and Aeris.