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Reviews for "FF7 Viva la revolution"


dont get how this has a 5/10 rating at all, this was funny as hell, lol keep up the good work


im not made of soft potions !!! im not made of phoenix downs!!! lmao this one is going into my favs lol

pretty good

no one likes yuffie

A poorly done copy of a funny comic

This wasn't based off of the comic, that simply was the comic; only half assed. Yeah you voiced Cloud, but you couldn't keep it synched, and why voice Aeris while having her cut from the shot?
Your animation was simply redone shots of the comic itself, only the quality was watered down. The only things you actually changed were the drawing of Cloud and the trimming down of some shots so that Aeris, Cid, and Tifa were all cut out. You didn't even animate Vincent getting eaten or Yuffie coming into the screen you simply did the exact same jump cuts from the comic.
Look, if you want to base your work off of something, pay homage to something, or are genuinely inspired by something produce your own original work. This was simply plagerism, granted to took something really fun and made reference to it, but you still just copied someone else's work, did several seconds of voice acting, put in some music, and animated a tiny Sephiroth.
We should be given the option of voting for the original comic itself, but that is unavailable. Again all you did was copy something and attempt to get around that issue by linking it to the source material and claim that your film was based off of said source material.

Funny, but...

I'm going to have to give most of the credit to the creator. It was a good idea, but you should try your own work. Why were Cloud and Aeris (I guess that was Aeris with him) the only ones with voices? The animation was a bit late on certain parts, like when "Cloud" said "Oh wait I am made of either". Was an okay job but you could have done better :). Keep working on it you have potential.