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Reviews for "FF7 Viva la revolution"

Nothing exciting

It wasn't too bad.

But could've been much better.

Try something original next time, I think you have the potential to do things well.

it was...

it was alright,
'Phoenix Down!?I'mnot made of phoenix down!'- poor Aries ) :

That was rather amusing.

I liked the relations to where people could have been saved on the game and I liked the simple art work.
A good piece of work overall and is also true.


fart fart piddly poo, you should try to be original....you obviously have some talent use it


I love VG Cats, and your flash was funny but it could've used more than one or two voice actors. The animation was a bit quirky, but it was all right. Maybe you can re-work the flash and give voice to everyone in it. Otherwise not bad.