Reviews for "On Your Day Off (NG Cut)"

Incredibly produced house track!

Wow dude, really good job with this track! I guess what impresses me the most is that you were able to do so much with so little, since you're only using Reason 4, the Deadmau5 XFER Sample Pack, the Thor and the NN-XT. You seem like someone I'd enjoy collaborating with. Let me know if you're interested in working on something similar to this later on this month. I recommend you check out my tracks "In Your Embrace" and "Foxy Lady" to give you a feel of what kind of music I've produced this year. Later man!


Not bad, really not bad....;-P

I like it alot.

This is some chill, good vibe-givin', groove music. Very spacey and atmospheric. I really like it!


This reminds me of something from katamari... and i've only played the demo.

Awesome beat.

feels like me :)

another great track from U
vote 5

greetz id-n